Thursday, July 19

Lend me a helping hand and promote my work on! I would really appreciate it, just spreading my name around and getting people to notice me.

Sunday, July 8

it's what's on the inside...
Why is it that what is in the bag is just as interesting as the bag itself of a fashionable, intelligent individual? See what's in the purses of some Dallas fashion and culture phenoms here. The Things Neatly Organized blog on Tumblr also occasionally show cases some interesting collections of people's carryalls and clutches.

Monday, July 2

online store in the works?

Well, it's been about 6 months since I've posted anything here. I'm so bad.

I've been having trouble finding a summer job and have all but given up. But I've been thinking: what if I start selling art in an online store? I'm thinking art for nurseries (I've been trolling around Etsy a lot...). I'm a little  scared that I won't be able to get my act together or I won't get any customers because nobody knows me or nobody will like my stuff... I don't know. What do you guys think? If anyone is out there...

This has just been mulling around in my head for a little while. Just thought I would send it out to the Internet to see what came back.


On a different note, I once again tried to freshen this place up. Like the neon? Let me know.

Monday, January 2


Tuesday, November 15

let it be over...

FFFfffffff... I have a 3D animatic due tomorrow. Along with a resume. And I need to do an assignment in After Effects. Oh, hello art history test and programming assignment next week. Nice to know you're both there, too.

It's the ever lovely Beginning of the End of the Semester.

Also, I for real need a haircut.

*for as much as I complain about my workload, just know, I pretty much love almost everything I'm doing. So it's ok that I kill myself doing it.

Monday, November 14

Wednesday, September 28

I wish...

...I could blog more. Too bad school is just killing me right now. One of my roommates has a birthday this weekend. She's turning 21. And I might not be able to go to the party. At my own house. Because I'll be working straight through this weekend if my asinine professor doesn't extend the deadline for this project...

The only reason that I tolerate this much stress is because sometimes, on occasion, in a really special moment, I remember I usually I love what I'm doing.

Look, I don't even have time to find a fun photo... :(
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