Monday, November 30

These are the kinds of things that make me love my English class so much. My prof is amazing...

My Favorite Movies: Star Wars vs. Star Trek.
I saw this done once with Star Wars and Eragon on G4, that gamer channel. If you've read Eragon, although an amazing book and story, you can see the similarities quite well... Captured princess, farmboy with extraordinary power who didn't know his parents and was raised by his aunt and uncle, fight between an empire and a rebellion that empolys all races including the little ones (dwarves and Ewoks), etc. Sorry, I know a little too much about Star Wars.

I know this has run through your mind at some point, too. via via LiveJournal's kar3ning

Even if you don't want to admit it, you've thought about this. Lol...
I tell you what, it's not that I hated English in high school. I had some fabulous teachers (Ms. Conroy, Mrs. Jones), but college English is just making my life, except for the two papers I have due next Monday. But my prof just makes it awesome. He's always got something interesting for the class to talk about before class has "officially" started, like these. We watch movie trailers, too! And commercials! We are the ones that made YouTube's unique visitor quota surpass 1 billion hits.

I love college. Except for those two papers and two tests. But other than that, I seriously love college.


  1. I am so glad you love A&M. So glad.

  2. That's a nice condensed breakdown of the Star Wars story...couldn't have said it better myself...hahaha


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