Wednesday, January 13

A Comfy Chair

I've decided I need a big, comfy, fully stuffed, proper arm chair for reading and throwing stuff on (like clothes that have been tried on) and chilling out.

I think I want to go with black because my color scheme is blue, white, and black with touches of silver. Most of my furniture is white, so I think black will contrast nicely. I'll throw on some white pillows or a white blank for balance.

Unfortunately, they are a tad expensive when buying new. This one from IKEA is $350. A bit pricey.

This one, also from IKEA, although it doesn't come in black, is $200. I could just get a slipcover for it.

And although this isn't the style of chair I want for my room, I just had to add this into this post about chairs. I absolutely love wing back chairs! They are just so classy and versatile! With the right fabric, they can be super sophisticated and chic.

I can't wait to get my own house to decorate...

I'm thinking about checking out some thrift stores, but those are a bit sketchy, I think, when it comes to furniture. Estate sales are good places, I've also heard.
Is there anywhere else that's good to get cheap armchairs?

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