Wednesday, January 6

Ski Trip!

And I thought I was already chilled to the bone here in Texas!

But I'm really looking forward to freezing my buns off for a little fun! YAY SKI VACATION!
Skiing is so much fun! I'm lucky that my parents took us on trips while we were still young and taught us early. I barely remember learning how to ski. We started off in New Mexico because the mountains are smaller, less chance of us little'uns getting lost or stolen, ya know?
But our vacations aren't just about the skiing. My mom cooks almost all the meals on the trip because food elsewhere is very expensive, so meal time because a family thing. We spend so much time together and sometimes even break out the board or card games. One time, my mom taught us how to play Hearts. Too bad I don't remember anymore. My brother isn't always playing his XBox, my dad isn't always on his Blackberry dealing with work, my mom is constantly trying to clean the house or do laundry, and I'm not always on the computer. We just get so much closer, even as close as getting under each others skins.

Here are some photos from previous years:

These were in Breckenridge, Colorado. One of my favorite trips. Colorado is one of the ultimate places to ski because of the huge open "bowls"at the tops of the mountains. You can criss-cross those things all day. The other thing about Colorado that's nice, I think, is that you can still drive there. Air travel is such a hassle now that sometimes I wish I could avoid it.
The city of Breckenridge is also, like most small ski towns, adorable. Lots of little shops and mom and pop restaurants.

And these are from Park City, Utah. This was the unfortunate trip that I nearly broke my wrist on the first day. I tried to ski the last day but I was just absolutely miserable because it was super cold and super snowy. I'm surprised I was actually smiling. The one thing I did accomplish on that trip: watched all of "The Godfather" movies. Awesome.

Apparently I hadn't discovered makeup yet. Sorry! 

Park City is also a very cool place, no pun intended. It's home to one of the major film festivals in the US, like Sundance. And again, being a seasonal place, small and cute stores everywhere. And it's also fun to fly into Salt Lake City and see that area. It's a really beautiful place. We drove by the Mormon temple last time and it is quite a site.

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  1. When are you leaving again? // Coming back?

    hehe. BE SAFE this time and have fun!


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