Monday, February 22

weekend of fun after a week of tests

Ok, so I was a Target this weekend and was browsing through the purses and fell in love with this print... Sorry I can't get a picture of the actual bag, it isn't up on the web, much to my dismay.
Is that not such a sophisticated print? The bag comes in this ultra fresh green or in a lovely muted yellow.

The trouble is I can't decide which color I love more! I went ahead and bought the green because I love green so much, but I really don't know which I like better!

Help Miss Meliss out on this one! What do you think?

I also got a lovely coral tee, a shirt with a large graphic flower that I absolutely love, and a really cool graphic lace shirt. All in all, money well spent! I love it when I feel good about purchases instead of hating that I just spent money. :)

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And also this weekend, the BF and I went to see Shutter Island with some buddies. SO GOOD. I was a little confused about what was going on at some times, but beauty of it all definitely made up for that in full. For a somewhat creepy suspense movie, it's gorgeous. My favorite scenes are when Leo DiCaprio's character's dreams because they were like real dreams; things don't quite make sense but they are so vivid and colorful and symbolic. It is a definite recommendation. And honestly, who doesn't like to watch Leo DiCaprio for 2 and a half hours? That's what I did when I watched Titanic and Romeo+Juliet. Plus, 50's fashion? Need I go on?

p.s. I have also started my roommates custom shoes. Teal with penguins! I'll post pictures when I've gotten further than the base coat. ;)

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  1. I love the green! but that is my favorite color soooo....shutter island, its not too scary??


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