Monday, May 10

nearing the end/beginning

This is me after my calculus final. I'm so tired. So much studying. My chemistry final was ok, but my calculus final was absolutely ridiculous! So difficult! Everyone walked out of that test feeling like they just got beat on the head. We all just looked at each other and laughed that "I did what I could, but that was just stupid" laugh. You know what I'm talking about.

But summer is so close! So close!!! Aaaah, I can't wait to kick my feet up and read a book that isn't about engineering for a good while. I've got a ton of crafty, artsy projects to do that I'm so excited about. And working! I need to replenish my savings account. It's looking pretty skinny after this semester. It's all that hair dye that I've been buying. I think I'm gonna stop doing that now, too expensive for my measly college budget.

But my BIG story: Yesterday, my parents came to visit and move some of my stuff home (so my mother and I didn't have to all on Wednesday). We went out to lunch with my brother. My parents were asking me what I was planning on doing this summer. My brother has been looking for an internship, as he is about to graduate, and I said I was going to get a job, but I probably wasn't going to be a lifeguard. My mom had wanted me to be a lifeguard because it pays really well. But that really what the discussion was about. No, no, no. My parents then said "Well, we think this would be a good summer to take that TRIP TO EUROPE we've always talked about." Double take... WHAT?! "Yeah it seems like a good time to yada yada blah blah..." I nearly fell out of my chair! I've been waiting for this trip since I was 12! First it was when Melissa turns 16 we'll go, when Melissa graduates we'll go, but then my cousin was getting married in Mexico, so...

You might have some idea how excited I am, you might not. I went to Paris Spring Break of 2009 (actually the reason I began blogging!) and I absolutely fell in love with Europe. Just the thought of going back over there is giving me butterflies right now. It's still not set in stone, but when my parents mention something to us children, it's more likely to happen.

Two weeks in Europe. I might die.

Yet another reason to save money and lose a little weight: souvenirs and pictures!

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