Tuesday, January 11

A few things that I've been up to in this new year. Sorry the image quality sucks!

Some shoes for me.

 I decided I needed some blue-green pumps. I think they're pretty awesome.

Jennifer and I went to Blanton to draw. It was my first time there. Ever. I know, it's been open for years and this sorry excuse for an artist and art lover that I am didn't get my butt up there until last week. What can I say? I am who I am.

She was my favorite.

Again, sorry excuse for an artist here only did 2 pages. How pathetic. But it's definitely a good start to the year.

And some shoes for my very patient and accommodating friend Laura, who's been waiting for these for at least a year. I am such a fail, but I think they are turning out nice. Can you guess the themes?

It's dinosaurs and Where's Waldo.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope everyone's year has started out nicely. I feel so much better with my new major and I can't wait to get started! Leave me some comments if you feel so inclined.

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