Sunday, July 3

day 3: cool in the clutch

via bhg

So, I think you may know me well enough that I fancy myself a crafty girl. My mom started me sewing when I was little, but I didn't sew much in middle or high school. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I got back into it with a free skirt pattern I found here (I've got another currently in the works with a friend. It's red striped seersucker! Perfect for summer.) So when I saw Sharon's cute clutch purse and saw that she made it, I knew I had to try it out! So I've been looking at free patterns today online and pondering fabric prints. I'm really liking the stripes on Sharon's and they're so classic, but floral is always feminine and adds something special to any outfit. We'll see what the fabric store has for me this week!

And I think I can get into using a clutch... I'm usually more of a messenger/cross-body type, but with something this adorable, who couldn't get into using one? And maybe I can modify it to make one to fit my Kindle!

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  1. MEL! I swear I looked at your blog like 3 days ago and now it looks completely different! But so cute :)

    I wish I could sew. I'm thinking about taking a class at ACC or something. My mom is one of the few mothers I know who doesn't sew! Every time I come across a cheap sewing machine whilst thrifting I'm tempted to buy it.

    Hope you're having a great weekend! xx


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