Wednesday, October 28

Things I Must Do Around Here

1. Take lots more pictures. I'm talking hundreds. This blog needs some sprucing.
2. Take a bus. Somewhere, anywhere.
4. Get more sleep and drink more coffee/tea. Mmmmmm tea sounds really good right now. And all those cancer-free-radical-fighting antioxidants!
5. Explore campus more. Like I don't know what half of these buildings have in them. My roomie and I were exploring the other day after a picnic (it was so nice outside) and found the architecture building. So cool.
6. SPOONS! It's fro yo. 'Nuff said.
7. Post somewhere all the meteor shower peak dates. I think that's going to be my thing now, watching meteor showers at 3 am with about 5 blankets piled on top of me and a hot cup of joe. Maybe hot chocolate.
8. Get on that homework. Calculus. Physics. English. Engineering. Getting it all knocked out right after I learn it would be the most amazing time management feat I've ever accomplished.
9. Keep drawing and painting. I need to try going outside one day and drawing, just to catch everyone off guard and freak 'em out.
10. Live life here. Learn to make the world here fit around me, not the other way around. Work hard, play harder. Be true.

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