Monday, December 21

And It Was All Yellow

Tumblr Makeover
Ummm... you should check out my Tumblr blog now... It's super YELLOW!!! Me gusta mucho.

Yeah... I'm a tad bit bored. And I really should be cleaning my room up right now because it is an absolute mess and I'm expecting people tomorrow. Woo hoo.
But just felt like redoing my Tumblr while listening to Coldplay. Ironically or serendipitously, whichever you prefer, I chose the color yellow before the song even came on...

P.S. If you are wondering why I've got two blogs, I don't really know why... I've been thinking about turning one into a sketch blog with photos and drawings and artsy stuff and the other will just be cute stuff....? It's a work in progress.

Found at random on the web
I love stuff like this!!!

Ok, ok, ok,  please check this out! It's amazing! I love creative people!!!


  1. I got a tumblr yesterday actually..I was trying to figure it out and stuff but it the website kept messing up!

  2. Oh I forgot about Haiku's. It has been so long since I've seen them! Very neat.

    Yellow is such a happy color! 8)

    Cute blog!

  3. I love Tumblr so much. I love you more, though.


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