Sunday, December 20


**I will preface this post with an apology. It has been a while since I've posted and I've been super busy, so please forgive me for this post if it turns out to be uber long. I've got a lot to tell you.


First and foremost, a huge thank you to Sara-Jane for bestowing upon me the  
"Brighten My Day"
award! Whoop! I'm honored.

The rules...
Name 10 things that make me happy
Pass it on to 10 blogs that brighten my day

I will try my best! 

1. Hot chocolate and a warm bath with relaxing music.


2. Concept art for Disney-Pixar movies. I would kill for one of these books. 

3. A pair of really good-fitting, comfortable jeans. Thank you American Eagle. The last pair I bought from you fit both of these requirements wonderfully!

4. A clean, uncluttered room. I need to get on that...

5.That first big stretch when you get out of bed in the morning that energizes you. Amazing.

6.Being creative and my imagination.

7. Music. Any and all kinds. Well, except almost anything played on the popular hit station. Like Austin's KISS FM or College Station's Candy 95.

8. Team 17 minus Adam, plus Nathan! Well, Nathan is not in this picture. Daniel, me, and Javi at a Quelf party. Without these guys, I would have lost my mind months ago because of engineering! They rock my world!!!!

9. Sleep. Did not get enough of that this semester. I'm going to try harder next term to get more because I know I'm a better person when I've slept for 8 hours.

10. Smiles and laughter. Always the best. Being around happy people makes me happy.

Blogs that make my day brighter: 
Shelby: College Life Rantings
and I'm now going to use a cop-out and tell everyone else to do it because it's fun to think about things that make you happy! Get in the holiday mood!!


So, the personal life has been a little crazy. Jacob and I ended. Daniel and I began. I'll tell you more in person if I know you. ;) And I'm really only posting this so NOBODY ELSE can accuse me for not telling them about my life!!! I've had it!

I'm kidding. It's nice to know that people are curious and concerned and care about what's going on.



What are you wishing for?

My list consists of Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume, a yoga mat and a bag for it, a Jane Austen anthology, an art book of any kind, Glee Soundtrack Vol. 2, a Chi Low EMF Hairdryer, world peace, possibly a Kindle or Sony E-Reader
... and a New Year's Eve kiss. I'm hopeless, I know!

We shall see... I'm just excited to be home and with my family, out of school. No more tests or homework or projects to worry about. No more horrible food. Although I do miss my roomies and my friends terribly. But it is so nice to sleep in my own bed and have a car. And knowing that any food I want is in the pantry!


 And a very happy birthday to my mother! It was actually yesterday but better late than never!!
I guess that's it for now! Have wonderful holidays and feel the love!!! 

One of my favorite artists started following me on Tumblr!! Please check out her stuff!!!
Lois Van Baarle
I'm in total shock right now. Excuse me while I get a paper bag...


  1. awww i love making happy lists...
    i try to make one every time i'm in a crappy mood :]

  2. I'm so thankful that we've been able to hang out this break! I've missed you so much, Mel!

    Love you!

  3. Um, you have a boyfriend?! Craziness. We need to catch up on eachother's lives, pronto!


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