Thursday, March 18

i've been waiting for this

In less than 24 hours, I will be on my way to Houston to see (one of) my favorite band(s) of all time (so far ;))... 
I can't tell you how excited I am!!!
I started listening to Muse in 10th grade, probably. I was starting to get into "harder," more alternative music then. I just love their sound. Techno-y yet rock'n'roll. And who doesn't love British people?! And falsetto? Yeah, I know.

Favorite songs (I have too many for just one):
By Album:

- Falling Down
- Unintended
- Sober

Origin of Symmetry
- New Born
- Bliss
- Hyper Music
- Plug In Baby

- Hysteria
- Sing for Absolution
- Falling Away With You

Black Holes and Revelations
- Starlight
- Supermassive Blackhole
- Knights of Cydonia

The Resistance
- Undisclosed Desires (#1 played song on my iTunes)
- I Belong To You (featured on the Twilight: New Moon Soundtrack)
- Guiding Light
- Exogenesis: Symphony Parts 1-3 (Matt Bellamy is a genius on the piano)

- Cover of "I Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You" which I consider playing at my wedding I love it so much!

Favorite Album:
Absolution. EVERY SONG is Awesome! EVERY ONE OF THEM (In my humble opinion).

My bf got us tickets for Christmas. Talk about impossible to top!
I'll post some pictures of my adventure tomorrow or Friday!!!

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  1. Have fun! My little sister was so into Muse; she collected rare 7" and box sets and b-sides... I think they're a great band :)


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