Saturday, March 20

spring break finale

Look at these sweet threads my mommy just bought for me from Urban Outfitters! I feel like such a hipster...

But enough about me!
How about MUSE?!? So awesome. Maybe, probably, most likely the best concert I've ever been to. They are so amazing. I think I sang to every single song and just soaked it all up. They have such a stage presence it's ridiculous. And the lead singer Mr. Matt Bellamy is such a goof ball! He was dancing around and spinning like a mad man! I wish I had caught that on camera!

They had the coolest stage I've ever seen. So you know when you are at a smaller sized concert and the stage is only four and a half feet off the ground and, if you're short, you can't see a damn thing? Yeah, it really makes it suck, especially the day after with the stiff neck. Well, I had always wished they would make the stage like 10 feet higher to fix this problem...

And they had some to the sickest graphics and videos. The crazy digital age, DNA, apocalyptic, revolutionary, new world thing that Muse is just should up in all the images and stuff they did. I just about died. And as I was sitting there (yeah, I got to sit the whole time! My feet were so happy!), I thought, "How do you get a job like that? Just making visuals for bands to play during their shows. I want to do that!"

Favorite images of the night:
If you look closely at the piano, you see little white dots. Those are actually the notes that he's playing! They show up on the lid of the piano! I want one!!!
Mr. Bellamy is also, in my mind, The Piano Master. And he really likes simple scales. Just throwing that out there.

This is the only picture that you can kind of see faces. We were pretty far back.And it was REALLY dark or REALLY bright, neither of which are conducive to good photography.

Of course they played most of my favorites! I was so happy! And I totally called that they were going to play Knights of Cydonia last. They were either going to open with it or close with it, but they opened with Uprising. Just the thing to get the blood pumping. And they played part 1 of Exogenesis, which is just incredible.

So AMAZING. I can now cross that off my bucket list and die a little happier.

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  1. OH! I am so glad you got to see them. Muse definitely takes the cake. I am sure they were absolutely amazing! I love you, let's go see lots of shows this summer.


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