Wednesday, March 24

artful wish list

Well, it's 2 AM and I feel I am taking a well deserved break from homework.

I really want some of these pens.

It's called a brush pen (aptly named I think) and it's mainly used in line art and manga/anime. They make wonderful, dynamic, weighted lines as you can see. I love lines because you can use just lines and a piece will make sense. Weighted lines are even cooler because they give heaviness and a place for a drawing to sit on... I'm losing you, aren't I?

This, although a little difficult to see in this picture, is a waterbrush. It's used in watercoloring and is perfect for travel because all you need is paper, a watercolor palette and this waterbrush! No jar for water! No spills! What a relief! It's perfect for sketching and quickly filling in areas with color.
Here's an example of how it works.

Even after the color has been laid down, you can go back and add more water on to it simply be squeezing the brush and dilute the color. Isn't that fantastic?

Can you see why I want these?

Will someone please send me some money?

P.S. I've got a calculus test on Thursday night and a physics test on Friday. Wish me luck.... heh.


  1. Those water color pens look absolutely wonderful! I want some, and I'm not even an artist!! Good luck on your exams. I'm currently working on an essay that is going to eat my lunch. Big time.

  2. I love art supplies. I hope you get those.


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