Wednesday, April 14


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One of my favorite digital artists goes by *ani-r on If you watch my Inspiration photostream long enough, you'll see some of her peices.

What I love about her art is the intense colors, like you could probably never see in the real world. Perhaps, if you're lucky, you might glimpse them in a sunset or in the ocean or if the sun catches an object in just the right way.
Just look at the brightness of this girl's dress near the stairs and how it actually reflects all the way to the wall. The colors remind me of a goldfish, but so much more saturated.

And everything is perfectly messy. In a way that seems to be careful, but not really (if that makes any sense...). Colors are haphazardly layered and smeared together, but in a way that look natural. Lines don't really end where they are "supposed to but it just looks like it was meant to end there. The stringiness of the lines, their flowiness, the high contrast, the texture, it all makes every piece she does, whether it be an hour long speed paint or a piece that took 2 or 3 weeks. In the above painting, I love this water making it's way down and around in the stream. You can distinctly see the rocks it flows around. It also looks very luminescent, like it's creating its own light.

I also love her exotic landscapes. Again, something you could only dream of. The outline of that one rock face is what first caught me about this piece. It's just beautiful, like a sunrise in the desert.

Look at that blue! The only place I've seen anywhere close to that same color is the deepest part of the ocean with the brightest sun shining down. It seems really intense, but looks perfect in the piece.

Hope you all enjoyed a little eye-candy.
Want to see more, you say? Check her out at

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