Sunday, April 18



I've had this craving for truffles since at least Monday.

And then I watched "Julie & Julia" today.

Inspired? Definitely. Mmmm.... truffles.
Here they are:

They may seem daunting and intimidating, but they are certainly far from it.
Here's the recipe I used: {link}
I find irony in the URL address considering my major.

And I definitely freaked out when I saw this in Julie & Julia:

When I went to Paris, this was Samantha's must-stop-and-browse places (find her in my sidebar!). Trust me, it was so worth it!!!

That's my shot of the inside. Books from top to bottom in that place. And if you stand in that doorway facing out, you get a spectacular view of Notre Dame. And it's English-speaking. Such a relief!


  1. Gha! I love seeing places I've been to in movies, such great little bursts of nostalgia :)

  2. So neat! It is awesome to see a place you have been to before!

    Those truffles look deeeelish.


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