Tuesday, May 25

it just keeps coming

Hello Lovelies! Sorry I've gone absentee on y'all. Been procrastinating and cleaning my damn room. Such a hassle. I'm still swimming in junk, but it is much better than it was before. I'm just going to keep on pushing through, and my (optimistic) goal is that I will mostly finish it by the end of today!

I've been trying to motivate myself to go running because I haven't since I got out of school. So this morning, I crawled out of bed, made my delicious breakfast of two fried eggs and wilted spinach, and forced myself to run. Boy, I'll tell you what, that indoor track at school has me so spoiled!! No hills, no concrete, air conditioning. But, you just don't get the same satisfaction as when you run outside and actually go somewhere and see different things while you're running. I ran through the park today. There were three people that had their dogs with them. All of the dogs were off leashes. If I did that with my dog, he'd split in two seconds flat and I would never be able to find him. He's such a brat, but such a sweetie. Look at that face!

People love the way his tongue curls when he pants.

He really likes fetch, but sometimes he won't let me have the ball when he brings it back. What a little rascal.

Anyway...His name is Spike. My brother named him. He's technically my brother's dog.
(I've never put up pictures of my doggy, so. There you go. That's where this is coming from.)

Have a lovely Tuesday! Don't miss Glee tonight!

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