Wednesday, June 23

pardon my sorriness

I'm terribly sorry that I am such an incurable, regressive, ten year old nerd and loser. In a nineteen year old's body. I watched the entire Avatar: The Last Airbender series in a month. How completely pathetic is that? I know. Beyond extreme. Beyond even that, I think. So here is the child of this love affair with this amazingly clever cartoon: AANG!!!

Love this kid! Such a badass for only his tender age of twelve. He'll  be finished in a few days.

Do you know how excited I am for the movie?! YES!!!


  1. Totally NOT lame!! I love Avatar the Last Airbender!!! That Show is so frakking awesome!!! The Story and the characters are just so amazing and well thought out! Love it!

    The movie... i dont know if you have seen it.. but... *dies inside* M. Night really frakked such a beautiful and bad ass story. so sad.


  2. Oh i forgot to mention I freaking LOVE that drawing of Aang!!! Really captured him!!

    (i think Uncle Iroh is one of the most bad ass characters in the show :D)


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