Thursday, July 1

taking a day

(because, obviously, being on summer vacation isn't enough)

For a nineteen year old, I have some serious body pain issues.

When I was about 16, I started having back problems. Like bad, debilitating back problems. I could hardly run and even walking was a burden. I went to physical therapy and used a lot of ibprofen and IcyHot and it helped. For a few years. Last year the pain came back. So I went to the doctor. X-ray time. I laugh. My back looked like an S. I wish I had that X-ray to show you. Anyway, he prescribed a muscle relaxer because he thought a spasm was causing the tissue to pull my spine to one side. Again, that worked for a while. Since then, it's come back with a vengeance, never letting me be fully comfortable.

When I was 17, I jammed my right wrist while trying to snowboard. More X-rays. Nothing broken. Unfortunately my wrist never felt quite right after that.

Today, at 10:30, I went to a myopractic therapist, which is like a chiropractor, but for your muscles and ligaments, but they aren't rough like chiropractors who yank and twist. He told me right when I walked in that he saw I had a problem with my hips and I was way too young to be having these problems. He said the likely cause of my pain was a rotated pelvis. Your body is supposed to be straight up and down for the most part. My hips were rotated to the right, throwing lots of stuff out of whack, like making my right leg shorter than my left, moving my spine. So he got to work, rotating my legs and arms and pushing and tugging a little. He rotated my hips and pulled them, and I could instantly tell that they were better.

He got to my hands and wrists, starting with the left one. He asked me which one I jammed and I told him the right. He laughed because the left one was really messed up too. When he got to the right one, it popped really loudly and hurt just a little bit, but oh baby, does it feel a hundred times better than it did before.

Among other things that were jacked up: right knee, collar bones, jawbone, right elbow, an intestine valve, my neck, and of all things, my uterus was moved over to my left side. Yeah. At least I have great abs!

So I had a lot of stuff to do today, but I'm going to take it easy and chill so I don't screw up what was just fixed.

And I'll leave you with a pretty picture. Look what I finished yesterday!!

Now I just need to actually hang it!

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