Wednesday, August 11

nice, france

Hello again, fellow Internetians! I'm in Nice, France right now and it is completely beautiful in every way. Beautiful landscapes and sea, beautiful buildings, beautiful people, beautiful weather. Amazing. I won a bottle of wine today! I was closets to the correct number of tunnels we traveled through today! I guessed 130. The actual was 164! And I went and gambled in Monte Carlo, Monaco! Tomorrow, I'll be on a train (pretty much all day) to Paris. I've got my (ironic) book Murder on the Orient Express, my Nintendo, lots of postcards to write, and a questionnaire to answer on the trip. The train leaves at 9 and I get to Paris around 3. Anyway, just a quick little update. Talk to you guys later. Ciao!

P.S. And a happy 22nd birthday to my brother tomorrow! How awesome is it that he's got a birthday during a vacation in Europe?! Jealousy...

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