Wednesday, September 29

my dreams are coming true

As some of you may know or have put together on your own, I'm not exactly normal (well, on second thought, nobody is normal....). I'm not the average blogging girl. I like crafty stuff and diy stuff and cute stuff. But sometimes, I need me a little something else.

So I love AMC. Love, love, love. But not for Mad Men, although that is a fantastic show. Breaking Bad is amazing, which I watch religiously when it's on. Every week. But even that's not the reason I'm going on this long-winded rant (is it a rant? I'm not angry...)

Why I love AMC so much right now? Forget vampires and werewolves. Zombies. Freaking zombies.

AMC is making one of my favorite graphic novels into a show. The Walking Dead.

Seriously, I can hardly contain my excitement!!! I mean, I'm writing two posts in one day! And like, this show is going to be up there with the X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer! And if AMC can do grizzly murder on Breaking Bad, it's going to be a hundred times more bloody in The Walking Dead.

So can I get a "hell yeah?" ...Please? I mean I know a lot of you probably aren't very into zombies and such, but the series isn't going to be a blood-drenched, intestine-gobbling, absolute gore-fest. Well, it is going to be that, but that's not all that the series is going to be about. There are so many plot twists and discoveries and betrayals, it's going to just like any other AMC show: stellar storytelling. And really awesome costumes and make up.

The Walking Dead priemeres at 9 PM CST on Halloween. Really, I don't think my Halloween is going to get any more awesome than if Pokemon and unicorns turned out to be real.

And if you've got a strong stomach, here's the trailer. But beware, I'm telling you, a strong stomach is definitely needed: 

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