Wednesday, September 1

cotton candy dream

Omg, I am so invisible. I just got stepped on, pushed into a wall, and hit with a binder all in less than 5 minutes. My roommate says it's because I'm short. I think I've got an Invisibility Cloak that never comes off. Explains why I don't have a boyfriend!


Hey, does anyone mind if I just leave school to live in one of these paintings by Will Cotton and dive head first into a sugar coma? Really? Kthnxbi.

Katy Perry, anyone? Will Cotton was actually the Art Director for her video, California Gurls, and did the cover art for the album Teenage Dream.

Just some current thoughts of the day. School's ok. I'm going to pick up an application for the Visualization program tomorrow so I can change my major!! I'm kind of nervous about it. And with that, I'm off to Intro to Literature!

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