Monday, August 1

day 18: in which melissa reflects

Wow. The end of the month kind of crept up on me! I blogged more than half of the days that I said I was going to. A little disappointing but what the hell. At the very least it was half. And it was a little bit harder than I expected I guess. It's tough coming up with different things to post each day. And editing photos is usually a pain in the ass. But I'm glad I attempted it and had fun with it. So I hope this will help me post more regularly than I have in the past. That was my intention heading into this lofty experiment: to push myself to share more here.

Here's a little peek at a sewing project I completed, too:
It turned out a little taller than I had anticipated. I'm going to modify the next one a little to make it shorter and skinnier, more like a pencil pouch, which was what I wanted make.

Tomorrow I'll be making a hard book-like cover for my Kindle.

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