Monday, August 1

poll time: lame username

Please, please, please give me your opinion on something, whoever you are, whether I know you or not. Even if this is the first time you've stumbled across my blog:

Which is a less lame username:
A. SevenRoses
B. melissmint

I've been SevenRoses on for 4 years. It's got all my work from high school and all the artists that I watch and comments and stuff.  But last year I registered, but there is really nothing on there. I just liked the name better at the time. But now I'm just confused. Help me. Please. *insert doe eyes here*


  1. I like SevenRoses and given what I've seen, most deviantart people, aka the creative types, probably likes a more symbolic name. What do you think?

  2. I do like melissmint, but unless you can put all the work from the other account I don't think you should switch. That's why I have never switched my email, too much work to change. :)

  3. I like them both! Also, hello fellow College Station blogger! Its so nice to find another. (Personally I think melissmint is cute).


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