Tuesday, August 16

faking it

Have you guys heard of tilt shift photography or miniature faking? You can also see it in some videos, too. The traditional way to get the miniature effect in a photograph is by using a special (and I'm guessing expensive) lens for a SLR or DSLR camera. But you can fake it with Photoshop and it's surprisingly simple. I found a really good tutorial here and used it to do both of these photos I took a while ago. The one from Versailles was with my point-and-shoot camera and the Kyle Field one was with my old iPhone! I did the effects in under 30 minutes, lots of fiddling included. Other tilt shift photos seem a little more convincing with a high viewpoint, like from the top of a building or balcony and more people in the shot, but I think these looks pretty good, especially for the first time I've tried it. I plan on doing this more often when I'm in tall buildings or on top of parking garages!

Yeah... I just looked up the cost of a tilt shift lens: $2,200. For a lens. Only for a professional.

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