Tuesday, November 23

content, yet terrified

An octopus I drew last year. This is the extent of my digital work, for now. I'll be doing more stuff like this with my new major.

I got accepted into the program I applied for...*nervous smile* I'm happy, but I'm also scared out of my mind. It's different from anything I've ever considered doing as a career and I don't know if it's stable in the job market and I don't think my parents are exactly happy with me leaving engineering and there are just a lot of concerns/reservations I'm having. Like how I slipped that one in there, the parents one? Yeah, me too.

On the kind of not-so-confused side of this, I was told by the department coordinator, an extremely nice guy that helped me work on my courses that I'll be taking next year, that I was 1 of 2 change of majors that was accepted... what? Come again? Well, I must have done something right on that application... that is just amazing to me. I just can't comprehend that I'm good at art. I never have been able to. A person can't be good at math and science and art; it's just not the way things work. It doesn't make sense. Well, I kinda take that back. Leonardo da Vinci. But he didn't know calculus because it hadn't been invented yet. And yet that's what this major is about: joining those two seemingly irreconcilable subjects into this major.

Anyway, philosophical rant over. Everyone have an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I'll be chatting with my parents and extended family about this...  And charming and persuading them to let me live in an awesome town home with my 3 friends... for nearly $100 more than my brother gets for an apartment...

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