Monday, November 15

i think i've found my soul mate

Last week my mom, in a rather roundabout way, called me an Anglophile. That accusation is completely true. I love all things British. Allow me to demonstrate:
Favorite band: Muse
Favorite TV show: Doctor Who
Favorite climate: cloudy and rainy (yes, weird, why would anyone like that...)
Favorite books: Harry Potter (altough that might be at the top everyone's list)
Favorite type of humor: dry, British......can I say that? Is that a type of humor. Whatever, just go with me on this one.

And now, I've added one more notch to this hypothetical bed post of British-lovin': Meet Charlie McDonnell

Seriously. In. Love. With. Charlie. I've probably watched about 10-20 videos and in every... single... one... there has been something that he talks about that I love: video games, Doctor Who, Pixar, chemistry (???), general awesomeness. Reasons that constitute my rather embarrassingly adolescent swooning:
1) He's British. 2) he's got awesome hair (the red is dyed but I think it's cool. Like bowties. Dr. Who reference, sorry.) 3) He loves Doctor Who (please see above list). 4) He's hilarious, creative, clever. 5) He's articulate, which is something I greatly envy. That's probably why I don't vlog. Maybe I should work on that.
Forgot to also mention: SO HOT.

Definition of soul mate.

I love the way British people say "yogurt." And "trousers." And "fish custard." Sorry another DW ref. *Mel, stop being a geek, you are scaring away the readers!!*

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